Our approaches

Quality approach

The implementation of a quality approach implies and motivates all members of AES team.

For this purpose, our office of engineering in industrial automation, hoisting system and finite element numerical simulation is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

This quality approach is actually the affirmation of our will to provide to our customers the products and the services in conformity with their expectations. By formalizing our orientations and objectives as well as structuring the organization and development of our company, it allows:

  • Improve the confidence and satisfaction of our customers
  • Meet their requirements in terms of quality
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Be in a process of continuous improvement of our performances

Consult our quality manual

Quality manual

Security approach

As hoisting professionals, the exercise of our profession exposes us daily to many risks which, if they were not clearly identified and evaluated and correctly considered, could have serious consequences for people and for goods. Since its creation, AES has never been involved in a personal injury or equipment accident. Conscious that zero accident is however never guaranteed, the company develops a security approach which relies on the following two axes of prevention:

Information and certification of employees

Security belongs to the corporate culture of AES. In partnership with safety and health professionals and with the active participation of all employees, the company uses the necessary tools to guarantee the security:

Continuous implementation and improvement

Risk prevention is a major priority for AES, which is probably the reason why the company has never experienced a personal injury or property accident. Concretely, prevention is provided by:

Environmental approach

Reducing the environmental impact of our business is a corporate culture in which every AES employee feels involved. Concretely, we want: