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Hoisting: the heart of AES’s business.

Experience is considered as an essential element in hoisting profession. Indeed, since the electric controls have been developed, the first applications have been adapted to the control of electric motors. Raising and moving in space safely were the first concerns of the "Riggers". The problem is essentially linked with:

Our experience and skills on the technologies in the field of hoisting motivates us to create and undertake in this business.

Hoisting, a profession in its own right.

Specific needs
  • Trajectory management
  • Crane availability
  • Safety of people and goods
  • Productivity
  • Driving comfort
  • etc.
Specific applications
  • Specific operation monitoring
  • Synchronization of independent machines: coordinated movements of the load
  • Synchronization of bogies: anti-crab function
  • Trajectory control: semi-automatic cycles
  • Container management: position definition, position search...
  • etc.
Dedicated tools
  • Anti-sway system
  • Kinematic Chain Monitoring System
  • Closed loop line trajectory control software
  • Software for the management of the movement of a bucket with 4 cables
  • Software for container unloading position management
  • Automatic and semi-automatic loading and unloading software
  • Driver Assistance and Troubleshooting Software
  • Operating and maintenance support software
  • Fatigue evaluation software
  • etc.