Specific product: SSCC
Kinematic Chain Monitoring System


The SSCC (Kinematic Chain Monitoring System) makes it possible to ensure the safety of Kinematic Chain in case of breakage or malfunction. The main diagnosed failures are:

  • Static deviation: when motor stops, the drum shaft continues
  • Dynamic deviation: the actual direction of the drum does not correspond to the required direction
  • Overspeed: the drum speed exceeds a speed limit
  • Desynchronization: Drum speed deviates from the allowed speed range regarding the motor speed

The considered Kinematic Chain consists of a motor, one or more service brakes, a gearbox or multiplier, a drum with one or more safety brakes. The motor axis and drum axis are equipped with incremental encoders to analyze the speed and direction of rotation of the shafts.

Defect management

Functional defects

The operation of the Kinematic Chain is continuously tested to detect the following faults:
  • Static deviation
  • Dynamic deviation
  • Overspeed
  • Desynchronization
  • Emergency stop
  • Zero speed
  • Default sense

Optional faults

Optional faults, validated by parameterization, complete the functional controls:
  • Service brake fault
  • Motor temperature threshold exceeded
  • Gearbox temperature threshold exceeded
  • Allowed emptying time pasted
  • Drum speed below the threshold of underspeed

Hardware defects

The safety PLC controls the equipment of the safety chain and also self-controls permanently.

In case of presence of at least one of the functional faults, one of the optional faults or one of the preceding material faults, the 2 control outputs of the safety brakes open. A default acknowledgment is then necessary, followed by a self-test, in order to rearm the SSCC. Parameterizable alarms are triggered in the following situations:

Additional features

Additional functionalities have been integrated to facilitate the implementation and diagnosis of SSCC:

Optional function:


AES commercializes 3 types of SSCC (in the form of a product to be mounted on a rail or in the form of a box integrating an operator dialogue):

The AES SSCC consists of a Schneider Electric brand, SIL3 level safety PLC, compliant with IEC61508 standard.


The SSCC (Kinematic Chain Monitoring System) is a system for securing the drive train in case of breakage or malfunction of the drive train. It consists of a SIL3 safety PLC according to IEC61508 mounted on a rail or in the form of a box incorporating an operator dialogue. This system makes it possible to detect the following faults: static and dynamic unwinding, overspeed, desynchronization, emergency stop, zero speed, defect of direction. It could also incorporate features of self-test, learning, reset and synchronization.

Users of SSCC
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