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The software for the management of the movement of a bucket with 4 cables.

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A 4-cables bucket movement is a complex movement to manage for a crane. The management requires know-how and experience. The complexity of this movement lies mainly in the regulation of the position of the winches and the distribution of the couples on these. Two control loops intervene according to the desired modes of operation:

  • Position control (ascent or descent opened bucket)
  • Torque regulation (closing cycle on the heap, closed bucket hoisting)


The movements of closing and opening of a bucket are given by all 4 cables controlled by the winches of suspension and closure. These winches are independent. By their relative rotations, we get all necessary maneuvers for the operation of the bucket. The obtained maneuvers with the bucket are as follows:

Closing bucket

  • Closure in the air
  • Closure on the heap: picking
  • Downhill closure

Bucket opening

  • Opening in the air
  • Opening downhill

Ascent and descent of bucket

  • Ascent and descent of closed bucket
  • Ascent and descent of no-closed bucket

The particular cycles of bucket’s operation optimize the productivity:

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Operating principle

AES has developed a packaged solution - "Bucket software". It is easily integrated into a PLC. It allows then a quick adaptation to the customer's application. For the user, all settings are accessible. The experience of AES in a standardized solution ensures that our customer could operate in accordance with his expectations.


The bucket software developed by AES, allows to control the operation of a bucket in all its configurations as well as to optimize the exploitation and the productivity of the crane. The two regulation loops (torque and position) allow an optimal management of the bucket in all the cases of operation.

Users of Bucket Software
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