AES supports you in the management of your equipment.

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Electrical installation expertise, audit and consulting.

Thanks to our consulting process, AES can help you define the strategies to ensure the operation continuance of your facilities. An analysis about the risks of availability of your equipment can be carried out to evaluate and identify the dangers incurred by your operation.

Master your operating tools, evaluate their conservation status, define and schedule your investments.

AES can assist you in defining your maintenance policy, your renovation and modernization projects in order to keep your infrastructures in operational condition. We need to know your infrastructure for being able to give recommendations; An analysis of your operating tools, the organization of your maintenance, and an audit of your personnel, the state of your inventory, will allow us to evaluate the maintenance in operational condition and the obsolescence of your equipment.

At least three steps are necessary:

By using the information from these audit and survey, we can help you make the right decisions to ensure the durability and performance of your installation: which means to extend the lifetime of your equipment (through renovation or modernization), to secure its operation and bring you the driving comfort.

You will have a clear vision about a maintenance policy and / or an investment budget.