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AES, approved training organization.

AES organizes the training through intra-company internships for operators whom work on automated installations. Training sessions can be hold directly at the customer's facilities or be a more general training about products or design. We could also provide specific training upon request. The trainer will be an engineer or technician whom practices the concerning software and materials, and knows well the concerning applications.

In order to draft an internship agreement, a training plan is established with the client. For that the training could be subsidized, the agreement should be signed by both parties and be transmitted to the OPCA before the beginning of the training.

The training plan defines:

Some evaluations can be made to test the understanding of the presented concepts. At the end of the training, the trainer transmits the attendance sheets as well as the trainee evaluation sheets.

AES offers « Product » or « Process » oriented trainings:

« Product » Training
  • Variable speed drives (DC or AC)
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Human–computer interaction
  • Programming Software
    • IEC1131-3 programming in IL, LD, ST, SFC and FBD languages
    • Program structuring
  • Bus and Communication Networks
  • Diagnosis and research in programs
  • etc.
« Process » training
  • Training upon the delivery of equipment
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting at site
  • Analysis of application programs
  • Use of programming software for maintenance
  • Management of backups and applications loads
  • etc.

Our trainers have an advanced knowledge about following software: SCHNEIDER TELEMECANIQUE XTEL and PL7-3, PL7-PRO, UNITY, 3S CODESYS, SIEMENS STEP5, STEP7, EBERLE, SYCON, ADVANTYS, VIJEO DESIGNER, SOMOVE (ATV), POWERDRIVE (DCV) etc. We could train your team for each of these software.

Our training activity is declared to the DIRECCTE and registered under number 72 33 07260 33.