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Fatigue monitoring of a hoist equipment (AQUASS & AES)

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Digilife © is a device for fatigue monitoring, embedded on a new crane or on a crane in service, whose main functions are:

  • acquire the information received from sensors which is necessary to define the conditions of use and operation of the equipment (force, position, torque, hour meter, etc.)
  • process this information by calculating the representative parameters of fatigue accumulations of structural components (frameworks and kinematic chains)
  • ensure the storage of these parameters
  • output by remote transmission:
    • information about aging of the frames and kinematic chains according to the maximum level of damage expected during its design (fatigue indices)
    • information on the values of the various parameters (load spectrum factors, load momentum factors, stress spectrum factors, number of hoisting cycles, number of specific fatigue cycles, etc.), which are necessary for calculations of real fatigue indices of elements and assembly of frameworks and mechanisms.


The phenomenon of fatigue damage is, on the one hand, from the extent of stresses experienced by an element during each cycle, and on the other hand, from the number of stress cycles. The maximum lifespan of hoisting equipment is defined for each use in the FEM rules or in EN 13001 by:

The value of the ratio of damages (ratio of the accumulation of the damages passed to the maximum damage of design) is called fatigue index. This value serves as the basis for defining the content of special evolutions, defined in « Recommendations for hoisting devices at ports » established by CETMEF.


Digilife © does not affect operations of the crane and therefore no discomfort can be caused by its malfunction. Its autonomy is sufficient to self-diagnose and warn operators of any internal or environmental malfunction. An internal malfunction does not affect the storage in memory of the calculated results and parameters.

Fatigue indices, load or moment factors, the number of hoist and fatigue cycles, and the number of hours of operation (for kinematic chains) are the main parameters of engagement for special evaluation.

Digilife © outputs the fatigue index of the hoisting equipment and its kinematic chains. Monitoring these factors over time is a very useful management tool for the equipment manager (especially for conditional maintenance operations).


The fatigue monitoring device, consisting mainly of Schneider Electric brand equipment, includes:

Schema fonctionnement Digilife

Example of an installation diagram for 14 STS cranes (Port of Rotterdam - 2015)

The device is self-sufficient for the specific functions of conservation of accumulations of fatigue damage. The link with the on-shore PC will enable:

The fatigue monitoring device is standardized. The crane-specific setting is made during commissioning.

The information from various sensors makes it possible to define the working cycles and, thanks to a complementary calculation, the actual fatigue cycles (load variations during the hoisting cycle). These information enables also calculate:


There’s 5 types of different results and output parameters of Digilife ©:

With the exception of the outputs in the form of continuous recording of the operating parameters during an incident, whatever happens, all other parameters are kept in memory. At any time, the value of these different parameters can be transmitted to the ashore PC.


The various collected information is transmitted to a PC in order to be processed and saved. The different types of registrations are:


Digilife is a real-time monitoring system for the aging (fatigue) of hoisting devices developed by AES and Aquass. It is a polyvalent and patented equipment installed permanently on a new crane or on a crane already in service. It remotely stores and delivers the aging level of frames and kinematic chains as well as commercial exploitation data. The exploitation of the results makes it possible to guarantee the safety of the personnel as well as the integrity of the crane.

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